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Skincare for Sensitive Skin: Gentle Solutions for Delicate Complexions

Published: July 15, 2023

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Sensitive skin is becoming increasingly common, with one recent study discovering that 71% of adults now identify this as their skin type. Whatever the cause of this surge may be, one thing’s for certain; sensitive skin can be extremely difficult to deal with. 

Struggles with skin sensitivities can lead to everything from anxiety and depression to a decline in productivity. This makes it so important to understand how to properly care for sensitive skin, especially since this skin type can develop at any stage in life. Read on as CBGärdN takes a look at the reasons behind your sensitive skin while also sharing a few gentle solutions to keep your delicate complexion soothed.

What Causes Sensitive Skin?

Sensitivities can manifest in numerous ways. From redness and itching to dryness and flaking, the symptoms of sensitive skin vary. However, no matter the symptoms you may be experiencing, they can likely be attributed to one of the following causes:

Irritant Contact Dermatitis

This is the most common cause of sensitivities. It involves the skin turning red or developing a rash after its outer protective layer has been damaged by chemicals or any other physical substance. Cosmetics can often be a big culprit behind irritant contact dermatitis.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis is sensitive skin that has been caused by an allergic reaction to an irritating substance. Everything from soaps to plants to jewelry can be common allergens that trigger the immune system to react.

Atopic Dermatitis

Also known as eczema, atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition that causes heightened sensitivity in the skin. When it flares up, symptoms worsen, with the skin becoming very inflamed.

How to Soothe and Rebalance a Sensitive Complexion

Whatever the cause of your sensitive skin may be, chances are that you’re looking for ways in which you can soothe the feeling of inflammation and rebalance the look of your skin. Here are a few of the steps that you should be taking to do just that:

Use Products Designed to Strengthen the Feel of the Skin Barrier

bio restorative cream

As mentioned, sensitive skin is often caused when the skin barrier experiences damage of some sort. Once this happens, barrier function is impaired for a while. This means that the skin then becomes even more vulnerable to further harm.

One way to deal with this is by using skincare products that have been designed to leave the skin barrier feeling thicker, stronger, and more resilient. This will help to reduce the appearance of damage and sensitivities. 

The CB Bio-Restorative Crème is a moisturizer that does exactly that. It’s infused with shea butter, an ingredient that’s packed with fatty acids. Since the skin barrier itself largely consists of fatty acids, this cream will leave it feeling replenished and fortified.

The CB Eye Serum Concentrate is another product that will keep sensitive skin feeling soothed and restored. It’s designed for the delicate skin around the eyes, which can often experience even more barrier-related problems than the rest of the face. This eye serum helps with that by providing a potent blend of peptides, aloe vera extract, calendula extract, and nettle leaf extract. All of these will provide support to the complexion’s natural barrier. At the same time, they’ll soothe the look of inflammation and redness, leaving the appearance even and clear.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

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If your skin is dehydrated, then this will lead to an increase in sensitivities. So, it goes without saying that keeping your skin hydrated is vital when it comes to reducing the appearance of those very same sensitivities. 

When it comes to your skincare routine, the best way to address hydration is with humectants. These are ingredients with moisture-binding properties. They’re lightweight but extremely effective when it comes to drawing moisture to the skin. They immediately hydrate skin cells to leave them looking plump and dewy. This makes them a must-have in every skincare routine for sensitive skin.

You’re probably already familiar with hyaluronic acid/sodium hyaluronate, the industry’s most-loved humectant. It’s a great ingredient to use for hydrating sensitive skin as it isn’t known for causing irritation. Combine it with glycerin, another superstar humectant, and your skin will soon start to feel better hydrated, and therefore healthier. 

Our CB Göld Replenishing Serum enables you to do just that. This formula combines both of those humectants with a multi-peptide blend. As mentioned above, peptides are fantastic for leaving the skin barrier feeling supported, especially when combined with antioxidants. Of course, you’ll find plenty of those in this serum too thanks to its cocktail of botanical extracts. From grape stem cells to apple extract to hawthorn berry extract, these plant-derived compounds are loved by those with sensitive skin.

Avoid Skin-Stripping Cleansers

facial cleanser

When you have sensitive skin, it’s important to try to preserve your skin’s natural barrier as much as possible. It’s already vulnerable, so you need to protect it from undergoing even more damage, as this would only make your sensitivities worse.

Unfortunately, there are many skincare products out there that are notorious for how they can damage that precious barrier. Cleansers are a big culprit as many are formulated with sulfates. Not only are these ingredients known irritants but they can also be overly harsh when cleansing the skin, removing its natural barrier too.

A sulfate-free formula, like the CB Facial Cleanser, is a must when dealing with sensitive skin. The star of this product’s ingredient list is nettle leaf extract, a signature ingredient here at CBGärdN. Research confirms that this botanical is bursting with antioxidants, making it a great one to add to every stage of your skincare routine.

Once you’re done cleansing, don’t forget to apply a toner. Even if you’ve used a very gentle cleanser, a toner is still so important for helping to keep your skin’s pH level feeling balanced. Allow this to fall out of whack and your sensitivities will only worsen.

When looking for a toner, go for a hydrating formula with a minimal ingredient list, just like the CB Facial Toner. This solution boasts a variety of different hydrating humectants, including sodium hyaluronate, betaine, and glycerin. They’ll help to plump up and thicken the feeling of your skin’s barrier after it has been cleansed. Meanwhile, the niacinamide in this formula will address the appearance of any inflammation and redness.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

multi active moisturizer

The sun causes so much damage to the skin. It destroys cell DNA, interferes with sebum production, degrades protein fibers, and even triggers the development of skin cancer. 

Sensitive skin is already more vulnerable to harm than other skin types. This means that UV damage can hit it even harder. This makes it all the more important to keep sensitive skin protected from the sun.

Of course, sensitive skin also needs a relatively minimal skincare routine. So, combine two steps in one with the CB Multi-Active Moisturizer with SPF 30. Not only will this product moisturize your skin to keep it looking soothed and soft, but it will also shield your complexion from the damage that UV rays can cause.

Just like with any sunscreen, regularly reapplying this product throughout the day is essential if you want complete protection. You’ll need to do this every two to three hours – more often if you’ve been sweating. 

Don’t forget that your skin will need protection throughout the year, not only in the summer. Neglecting SPF in the spring/autumn/winter is a common mistake that many make. However, the sun’s UV rays are present and harmful year-round. They’re even present on cloudy days and can penetrate through glass too, making it important to ensure constant coverage with SPF.

Taking a few extra sun protection measures wouldn’t hurt either. Whenever you’re out in the sun, make sure that your skin is sheltered by a wide-brimmed hat. A pair of large sunglasses can help too, especially since the skin around the eyes tends to be the most sensitive part of the face. 

Always Perform a Patch Test When Trying New Products

Skincare products can often be the cause of sensitivities. If your skin doesn’t react well to a certain ingredient, then this can cause a flare-up.

Unfortunately, sensitivities vary hugely between individuals. What may trigger your skin could perfectly complement someone else with sensitive skin. This is why trying new products can always be a risk. No matter how many product reviews you read, you’ll never really know if a formula is going to be suitable for your sensitive skin until you’ve tried it for yourself.

However, you don’t want to put your entire face at risk. If a product is going to cause your skin to react, then it’s always best for this reaction to occur on just a small area of your skin instead. 

That’s where a patch test comes in. This involves applying a new skincare product to an inconspicuous area of the skin to start with, such as your arm. Wait for a couple of days and if your skin hasn’t reacted, then repeat the test on a small area of your face. Since facial skin is thinner and more fragile than the skin on the body, it could still react to the product, even if your arm didn’t. If all seems good with your face, then go ahead and properly use that product.

If your skin is severely sensitive, then extend the timeframe of your patch test. Rather than simply waiting a couple of days before moving onto your face, apply the product onto the same patch of skin for a week or two. This will help to ensure that you aren’t going to experience any longer-term reactions once the ingredients in that product begin to build up in your skin.


Compared to all of the other skin types, sensitive skin is one of the most challenging to care for. At times, it can seem extremely unpredictable, making it difficult to know exactly what it needs. However, so long as you take things slowly when it comes to introducing new products to your sensitive skin, the skincare solutions that we’ve shared above will no doubt soon help to bring about a complexion that looks soothed, balanced, and beautifully healthy.

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