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The Top 10 Skincare Trends of 2024

Published: May 15, 2024

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Now that 2024 is firmly upon us, certain skincare trends have been emerging. If you’ve been wondering about what’s hot (and what’s not) in the skincare world, read on as CBGärdN shares the 10 skincare trends you need to know about:

1. Lightweight, Radiance-Inducing Sunscreens

CB Multi-Active Moisturizer With SPF 30

There are a few SPF-related skincare trends making waves this year, with one being a push toward encouraging the use of sunscreen year-round. However, with so many people hating the way that sunscreen feels on their skin, it only makes sense for brands to respond by producing lightweight SPF formulas that restore radiance rather than leaving the skin looking white and greasy.

Consumers are seeking out sunscreen products that quickly melt into the skin while also providing additional benefits. This is why the CB Multi-Active Moisturizer With SPF 30 has been such a hit. Not only does it keep the skin safe from sun damage but it also provides a blend of hydrating ingredients and powerful antioxidants! Use this product instead of your regular facial moisturizer in the morning and you can rest assured that, at least for the next couple of hours, you won’t need to worry about UV rays wreaking damage on your complexion. 

2. Superfood Formulations

CB Midnight Melting Mask

Superfoods have been a trend in the F&B world for a while. These foods are chock-full of antioxidants, more so than most of the other foods out there, earning them their superfood status.

It should come as no surprise that the superfood trend has now entered the skincare sphere, with superfood skincare formulations promising to work wonders on the complexion. These products combine a variety of superfood ingredients, resulting in nutrient-rich formulas that are capable of improving the look of the skin in multiple ways.

If this is one of the skincare trends that you’d like to get in on, check out the CBGärdN CB Midnight Melting Mask. With its ingredient list featuring the likes of goji berry, acai berry, noni fruit, chokeberry, and mangosteen, it boasts some of the best superfoods around!

3. Barrier Care

CB Night Renewing Crème

The skin barrier started to get more attention in 2023, and this is one of the skincare trends that has stuck around to see 2024 through too. It sees consumers striving to educate themselves on the importance of the skin barrier. They’re starting to understand what a big role it plays in keeping the skin looking and feeling healthy. 

This has led to an increase in barrier-loving skincare products, just like the CB Night Renewing Crème. These formulas contain ingredients that leave the skin barrier feeling stronger and more resilient. This then allows it to function to its full potential, which is vital for a flawless complexion.

4. Super Humectants

CB Göld Replenishing Serum

You’ve probably heard of hyaluronic acid before. It has been at the forefront of the skincare trends that have made an appearance over the last few years. People love this humectant for its ability to bind large amounts of moisture to the skin. Its effects are almost instantaneous, with the skin responding to this burst of hydration by taking on a plumper and fuller finish.

However, hyaluronic acid isn’t the only humectant out there. 2024 sees more super humectants take centerstage, with many of them being even more powerful than hyaluronic acid. From glycerin and aloe vera to lactic acid, honey, and polyglutamic acid, these ingredients are now believed to be just as, if not more than, worthy as hyaluronic acid. Add the CB Göld Replenishing Serum to your skincare routine and you’ll be able to jump on this trend by treating your complexion to an action-packed humectant blend!

5. Seaweed

CB Göld Collection

Each year sees certain ingredients being highlighted in skincare trends, with seaweed being one of the must-haves of 2024. Why is it having a moment? Because, firstly, it’s a super humectant. As we mentioned above, these powerful hydrating compounds deeply quench the complexion to dial up radiance.

However, seaweed has so much else going for it too. It’s loaded with vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. These all work to improve the appearance of skin tone, elasticity, and texture. It also contains fatty acids that keep the skin barrier feeling strong. Even better, research confirms that seaweed is capable of reducing the visible signs of skin aging. 

Seaweed is an ingredient that just about everyone would benefit from. This is why you’ll find it in a few CBGärdN products, including the CB Göld Imperial Transforming Masque from our CB Göld Collection. 

6. A Neuro-Glow

BioLeaf Hydrating Facial & Eye Mask-1

It’s no secret that the state of your skin is strongly connected to the state of your mental health. In fact, psychodermatology is a new field that has emerged that concentrates solely on the skin-mind connection. The two are heavily interlinked, which leads to the next of our skincare trends…

2024 sees more and more people recognize the importance of keeping their mental health on form so that their skin responds with a radiant ‘neuro-glow’. This is a glow that comes from within, stimulated by your positive frame of mind rather than by the topical products you use. 

With that said, skincare can often help to restore mental balance. Products that make you feel relaxed and happy when you use them will give your mental health a boost too. One of our favorite products for encouraging that neuro-glow is the CB BioLeaf Hydrating Facial & Eye Mask. It’s the perfect excuse for taking 10 minutes of downtime, which will help you to relax your mind. These masks feel wonderfully soothing, to the point where your mind will feel just as refreshed as your skin will once you’re done masking!

7. Skincare Patches

Pure Soothing Eye Jelly Masks

Some of 2024’s skincare trends are continuations from previous years, with skincare patches being one. These products originated in South Korea but, like most K-beauty concepts, it wasn’t long before they infiltrated the Western world. 

The very first skincare patches were designed to eliminate the appearance of pimples. The patch is applied directly to a pimple, where it then saturates that area of skin with ingredients that soothe the look of inflammation and redness.

However, today, there are so many different skincare patches out there. From wrinkle patches to hydration patches, there’s more variety than ever! CBGärdN’s offering is the Pure Soothing Eye Jelly Masks Limited Edition. These are mask patches for the skin underneath the eyes. They’re designed to calm and brighten the complexion while giving it a much-needed pick-me-up to reduce the look of puffiness, dark circles, and tired eyes.

8. Curated Minimalism

CB Facial Cleanser

Skincare routines have evolved in a big way over the years. When the 10-step K-beauty routine became a trend, consumers responded by expanding their skincare arsenals so that they too could pamper their skin with a long line of products.

However, skincare trends have a tendency to suddenly take a turn in the opposite direction, which is exactly what has happened here. More and more people are now shying away from long and complex skincare routines. Instead, they’re opting for simplified, pared-down routines that encompass the bare essentials.

While that may be the case, the essentials that people are using have been carefully chosen. After all, if you’re only going to be using three or four products, you need to make sure that they’re good ones! Start with a gentle and hydrating cleanser, like the CB Facial Cleanser. Then, add in a multi-tasking serum, such as the CB Illuminating Vita C Serum, before finishing with a moisturizer.

9. Peptides

Eye Serum Concentrate

Peptides were one of the biggest skincare trends of the early 2000s. While they haven’t gone anywhere since then, attention began to dwindle, until this year. Now, peptides are seeing a revival, once again being hailed as must-have skincare ingredients.

While some trending ingredients aren’t worthy of their cult status, others, like peptides, deserve the praise. Peptides offer some incredibly wide-ranging benefits. They lower the feeling of inflammation, reduce the look of wrinkles, improve the appearance of skin elasticity, keep the skin barrier feeling strong, and so much more! 

The best skincare products out there combine multiple peptides, just like the CB Eye Serum Concentrate does. Designed for the delicate skin around the eyes, this peptide-packed serum will leave your eye area looking smoother, firmer, and bouncier!

10. Elevated Body Essentials

CB Hand & Body Lotion_1

When it comes to skincare, it’s usually the face that receives all of the attention. The body is often considered to be an afterthought. In some ways, this is understandable. The skin on the face is much thinner than the skin on the body, making it more prone to damage. It also experiences more sun exposure, which is why it develops wrinkles and discoloration much sooner than the skin on the body.

With that said, the skin on your body shouldn’t be neglected – it’s deserving of some love too! This is what the next of our skincare trends addresses. The skin on the body is now being put under the spotlight, with consumers trying to give it some extra care.

This is why you’ll see an increasing number of body care products hitting the shelves in 2024. However, unlike the majority of the body care products of the past, these formulas contain high-powered ingredients, just like those designed for the face. Take the CB Hand & Body Lotion, for example. High-end body lotions have been trending, and this one meets the mark on all fronts. It’s a lightweight blend that’s infused with goat milk, nettle leaf extract, and a blend of hydrating ingredients. Slather it over the skin on your body and you’ll immediately notice a softer and more supple finish.

Exploring Skincare Trends With CBGärdN

While some skincare trends may be strange, short-term fads that aren’t worthy of your time and attention, the ten that we’ve featured above all hold some merit. These are the trends that are paving the way for the future of skincare, making it worth getting on board as soon as possible. Whether this involves simplifying your skincare routine, investing in certain ingredients, or focusing on your mental health, these skincare trends will not only elevate your entire routine but will also have your skin looking so much healthier!

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