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8 Ways to Boost Your Skincare Routine

Published: August 15, 2023

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Could your skincare routine do with a boost? Whether it hasn’t been producing the results that you hoped for or you’re simply finding yourself a little bored with your daily regimen, read on as CbGärdN shares eight ways to elevate your skincare routine to make it all the more effective! 

1. Exfoliate With a Peel

CBGöld Microexfoliant

Switching up your exfoliant is a great way to quickly boost your skincare routine. After all, exfoliation is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy complexion. It clears away dead skin cells and excess sebum from your pores, not only preventing clogged pores and acne but also ensuring that the other products you use are able to easily penetrate into the skin without having to deal with blockages formed by impurities.

If you’re not too attached to your current exfoliant, try swapping it for the CBGärdN CB Microexfoliant Peel. Inspired by professional peels, this formula provides an intense exfoliation, leaving the skin looking bright and rejuvenated afterward. Thanks to the inclusion of nettle leaf extract, this peel also provides a plethora of antioxidants to help fight the visibility of skin damage.

2. Learn How to Layer

Sometimes, a skincare routine can struggle to produce results if the products within it are applied in the incorrect order. It’s easy to think that the order doesn’t matter – after all, so long as you’re still using all of the products, won’t your skin benefit?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite so simple. Apply your products in the incorrect order and some of them will struggle to access your skin cells, rendering them useless.

So, in which order should you be applying your skincare products?

A cleanser should always be the very first step.

After this, you can then follow the rule of thinnest to thickest. Start with your lightest and thinnest products, such as toners or serums. Then, work your way up to the thicker and heavier products, like creams. This way, the thick products won’t block the thin products from penetrating your skin. This will ensure that you’re able to fully benefit from all of the various formulas that you use.

3. Protect Your Skin From the Sun

multi-active moisturizer spf30

No matter how good your skincare routine may be, it won’t be doing your skin much good if your skin is continuously being damaged by the sun at the same time. Research shows that UV rays damage the skin’s DNA at a cellular level, causing everything from wrinkles to dark spots to skin cancer. Chances are that many of the visible skin concerns you’re battling have been caused, or at least worsened, but he sun.

In order for your skincare routine to produce noticeable results, you need to ensure that your skin is well protected from UV damage. The easiest way to do this is with a two-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen, just like the CB Multi-Active Moisturizer With SPF 30. 

With this product, you won’t need to worry about having to add an extra step to your skincare routine with a separate sunscreen. Apply it in the morning as your regular moisturizer to give your skin protection at the start of the day, and then reapply it every couple of hours after that. Not only will you be ensuring that your skin is adequately protected from UV damage but, unlike with a regular sunscreen, you’ll also be giving it an extra dose of moisture and antioxidants with each application.

4. Invest in Antioxidants

purifying heating mask

There are so many different skincare ingredients out there that are revered for their potency. However, if you’re looking to amplify the effects of your skincare routine, then antioxidants will always be a good choice.

Why antioxidants? Because these powerful compounds are capable of doing so much for the skin. They repair the appearance of oxidative damage, diminish the look of skin aging, brighten the complexion, and so much more.

So, which antioxidants should you be adding to your routine? 

Well, this all depends on which ones you’re already using. Vitamins A, C, and E are undeniably some of the most powerful antioxidants out there. You’ll find all three in the CBDGöld Vitamin C Antioxidant Élixir, which is in our CBDGöld Collection. This silky serum also contains a number of different fruit extracts, all of which are also brimming with antioxidants. 

If your skincare routine already contains a vitamin-infused serum, consider some of the more unusual antioxidant sources instead. Plant extracts are loaded with a huge variety of antioxidants, and you’ll find several of them in the CB Göld Purifying Heating Mask.

Grape stem cells, for example, have been proven to possess powerful antioxidant properties. Coffee seed extract, arnica Montana flower extract, lemon fruit extract, and nettle leaf extract all also offer a spectacular range of antioxidants, and you’ll find all of these ingredients in this mask.

5. Double Cleanse

cb facial cleanser

Excluding SPF, many would argue that cleansing is the most important step of any skincare routine. It’s easy to understand why. Removing all of those impurities from the surface of your skin will then allow the rest of your skincare products to be absorbed. Skipping the cleanse and allowing that grimy layer to remain on your skin would then cause your skincare products to sit on top of this, rather than entering into your skin.

As you can imagine, this means that the more thorough your cleanse, the more effective your skincare routine will be. This is why the concept of double cleansing has been trending for a few years now. So many people swear by the skin improvements that they’ve noticed after implementing this technique.

What is double cleansing?

It simply involves cleansing your face twice, instead of just once. For the first cleanse, you would use an oil-based cleanser. This will target product residue and excess sebum. Then, for your second cleanse, you would use a water-based cleanser, like the CB Facial Cleanser. This will get rid of any residue left behind by your oil-based cleanser while also effectively clearing away dirt and dead skin cells.

Sure, double cleansing will add an extra minute or two to your skincare routine. However, the results that you experience will make this more than worthwhile!

6. Use a Toner After Cleansing

cb facial toner

Being extremely lightweight and having an appearance that’s akin to water, a toner may not initially seem like a revolutionary skincare product. This is why so many skincare routines don’t include a toner. Instead, they move straight from cleansing to the application of serums.

However, if you want to give your skincare routine a boost, adding a toner in is definitely one way of doing so. Although they may not look like much, toners serve a few very important purposes…

Firstly, a toner gets rid of any post-cleansing residue. This isn’t quite as important if you’re double cleansing but can make a huge difference if you’re just doing a single cleanse.

A toner will also help your skin’s pH level to feel balanced once again. The cleansing process tends to throw this off-kilter. If allowed to remain this way, an imbalanced skin pH can then trigger a whole host of various skin concerns.

Finally, a good toner will be hydrating. Since it’s designed to be the first product applied to clean skin, all of the hydrating compounds in a toner will have direct access to your skin cells. This is how a toner is able to give the skin a significantly plumper and fuller finish.

Of course, not every toner works in this way. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you pick a high-quality, alcohol-free formula, just like the CB Facial Toner. With sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, and betaine, this toner never fails to deeply hydrate the skin. It also contains niacinamide, which will even out your skin tone and reduce the look of enlarged pores.

7. Pamper Your Neck and Chest

BioLeaf Hydrating Facial & Eye Mask

Many skincare routines only encompass the face. The neck down is considered to be a part of the body. This means that it’s treated in the same way as the skin on the rest of the body.

While this may make sense in theory, the skin on your neck and chest is actually very thin and fragile, just like the skin on your face. That’s why this area is so susceptible to the visible signs of skin aging. In fact, your décolletage may even start to develop wrinkles and dark spots before the skin on your face does, especially if it isn’t being pampered with the same products that your face is receiving.

Fortunately, the solution to this is simple. Each time you apply skincare products to your face, from your cleansers to your serums to your creams, apply them to your neck and chest as well.

With that said, it would also be worth giving your décolletage a little extra TLC. The CB BioLeaf Hydrating Neck & Chest Mask is the perfect way to do this. Bursting with a number of skin-quenching compounds, this hydrogel mask will immediately leave the skin on your neck and chest feeling firmer and smoother. If you’d like to treat the skin on your face to the same, we also have the accompanying CB BioLeaf Hydrating Facial & Eye Mask!

8. Incorporate Eye Care Products

Eye Serum Concentrate

Just like the skin on the neck and the chest, the skin around the eyes is also very delicate. In fact, the skin here is thinner than the skin anywhere else. This makes it even more prone to damage and aging.

So, if you would like to make your skincare routine as comprehensive as possible, make sure that it contains a couple of dedicated eye care products. There’s nothing wrong with using your regular facial serums and creams around your eyes (so long as the product directions don’t say otherwise), but using eye-specific serums and creams provides even better results.

With eye care products, you’ll also be able to target any specific visible skin concerns that you’re experiencing in your eye area. For example, if you’ve been struggling with the appearance of dark circles or puffiness, the CB Eye Serum Concentrate focuses on de-puffing the complexion while lightening and brightening the look of shadows and discoloration. Meanwhile, the CB ProLift Eye Firming Cream is ideal for ironing out the look of crow’s feet.

Create the Perfect Skincare Routine With CBGärdN

Once you’ve mastered all of the basics of a skincare routine, it’s only natural to want to build on those foundations to make your routine as effective as possible. Following the above tips will help you to do exactly that, giving you a skincare routine that will have your skin looking and feeling healthier than ever.

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