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CB BioLeaf Hydrating Neck & Chest Mask


Formulated with a concentrated dose of Irish moss and sodium hyaluronate, this innovative neck and chest mask helps brighten and rebalance the appearance of a dull and uneven skin tone. Because the skin on the neck and chest are often neglected, the CB BioLeaf Hydrating Neck & Chest Mask was specifically created to focus on dryness and uneven skin texture.

Size: 8 Neck Masks & 8 Chest Masks | 80g / 2.82oz


Honest ingredients. Powerful botanicals.


  • Leaves the skin on the neck and chest feeling volumized, resulting in a firmer and tighter appearance.
  • Helps to fortify the skin’s protective barrier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Marissa Bloom

I'm very impressed by the CB Bioleaf Mask's effectiveness! It's a refreshing and hydrating treatment that leaves my skin and under-eye area feeling revitalized and nourished.

Zendaya Hill
The Best Discovery for my Skin!!

It's a luxurious experience that leaves my neck and chest feeling incredibly soft and nourished. The easy-to-use application and the soothing sensation make it a delightful addition to my skincare routine.

Geneva Ward
Smooth and Moisturized Skin

The mask provides intensive hydration to areas often overlooked. It's soothing and has improved the texture of my neck and chest area. I've noticed a visible difference in how smooth and moisturized these areas feel!

Lorin Lowe
Smoother and Better Skin

I like how my skin is so smooth and better. From my face to my neck and chest, it feels consistently gentle and supple. I incorporated my skincare with the eye and facial mask to get the best results.

Alia Kim
Amazing CB

CB Bioleaf Hydrating Neck & Chest Mask is a skincare essential. It deeply hydrates, rejuvenates, and nourishes the often-overlooked neck and chest areas, all while harnessing the benefits of CB.