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Fall For Fabulous Skin: Seasonal Skincare Tips For Autumn

Published: November 15, 2023

fall skincare

Between the leaves displaying fiery hues, the crispness in the air, and the need for warmer clothes, it’s easy to tell that fall is here…and your skin is well aware of this too. The seasonal shift that takes place at this time of year can sometimes send the skin into turmoil, with this only increasing as the winter continues to approach.

Fortunately, fabulous skin can still be achieved this season, and all it takes is a few tweaks to your existing skincare routine. Read on as CBGärdN shares the fall skincare tips you need to know!

Use a Gentle Cleanser

CBGöld Cleansing Elixir Kit

As temperatures begin to drop, the skin’s sebum production slows down. This is why the skin can often feel drier in the winter, and it’s also why the skin’s natural protective barrier is more vulnerable to damage.

To accommodate this decline, you need to treat your skin barrier as gently as possible. If you were using a powerful cleanser during the summer months to counter all of the excess oil that your skin was producing, it’s time to switch to a milder and more moisturizing version for your fall skincare routine.

The CB Facial Cleanser would be a great choice. It’s a sulfate-free formula, which is great for preserving the feel of your skin barrier, yet it still forms a beautifully satisfying lather. It’s infused with a few different hydrating ingredients, along with nettle leaf extract. This is our signature ingredient at CBGärdN because of its incredible antioxidant properties. Add this ingredient to your fall skincare routine and you’ll spend the colder season glowing!

Adjust How Often You Exfoliate

CBGöld Microexfoliant Plus

Just like cleansing, exfoliation is something else that can inhibit skin barrier function, particularly when done too often. 

Since your skin won’t be producing quite as much sebum in the autumn and winter months, you won’t need to exfoliate quite as often as you did in the spring and summer. Doing so will only end up damaging your skin.

So, begin to cut back on how often you exfoliate. If you usually exfoliate three times a week, drop this down to two. Likewise, if you only exfoliate once a week, you may want to extend this to every 8-10 days. With temperatures still fluctuating in the fall, you may find that warmer weeks require an extra exfoliation session while colder weeks don’t. Fall is such a transitional month and your skincare routine needs to be able to adapt to this.

This applies to the exfoliator that you use as well. While you may have needed a powerful formula to tackle all of that summertime grease, fall skincare requires something gentler, such as the CB Microexfoliant Peel. It’s a lightweight gel that will gently peel away the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin while also providing a boost of hydration.

Start Giving Your Skin Some Extra Moisture

Thermo-Repair Collection

It’s not just the decline in sebum production that causes the skin to dry out in the colder months. The fact that the air lacks humidity plays a big role in this too. The drier the air around you, the faster the moisture in your skin will be lost to evaporation. This process is known as transepidermal water loss (TEWL), and numerous studies have confirmed that it occurs at a much higher rate in the fall and winter.

There are two ways in which you can counter this. The first is to restore some of the moisture that your complexion has lost by adding plenty of hydrating ingredients to your fall skincare routine. Humectants, such as sodium hyaluronate and glycerin, are great for this. They boast moisture-binding properties that immediately leave the skin feeling quenched and plump.

Switching to a richer moisturizer can help too. This way, you’re coating the surface of your skin with a thicker barrier than what a lighter lotion would have provided. This will help to slow TEWL right down.

With the CB Thermo-Repair Collection, you can do both of those things with ease. This trio features the CB Replenishing Serum, which is packed full of humectants, along with the CB Rehydration Cream, which has been designed specifically for thirsty skin. You’ll also find the CB Purifying Heating Mask in this collection, plus a gua sha tool to perfectly round off this set’s capabilities.

Switch to a Milder Form of Retinol

CBGold Collection

We’ve talked about keeping things gentle when it comes to your fall skincare cleanser and exfoliator, but the same applies to some of the other products that you use too. Since the skin is more vulnerable to damage and sensitivities in the cooler months, any overly potent ingredients could cause it to react.

Retinol is a big culprit. Although this vitamin A derivative is undeniably effective when it comes to firming and brightening the look of the skin, it can be a little too strong for many people once the weather turns colder and their skin turns drier.

Fortunately, there are milder alternatives that you can turn to instead, such as retinyl palmitate. This form of vitamin A produces the same visible results as retinol. The only difference is that it takes a little longer to work, but this also means that it’s much kinder to dry and sensitive skin.

Give the ingredient a try for yourself with the CB Göld Vitamin C Antioxidant Élixir. You’ll find this serum in our CB Göld Collection, and it’s loved for its vitamin content. In addition to retinyl palmitate, it also contains vitamin E and two forms of vitamin C. These ingredients work brilliantly at backing up the visible effects that retinyl palmitate produces. This means that you’ll notice results so much sooner.

Repair the Look of Summer Skin Damage

Satin Leaf Advanced IV Treatment

The summer months can cause some serious damage to the skin, leaving it up to your fall skincare routine to pick up the pieces. UV rays lead to everything from wrinkles to dark spots, and these will often become all the more noticeable once the summer dies down and fall takes over.

The good news is that there are plenty of skincare products out there that can help you counter the appearance of summertime skin damage. For example, if squinting in the summer sun has left your eye area looking creased, the CB Eye Serum Concentrate will help to smooth your complexion over, giving the skin around your eyes a tighter finish. 

Meanwhile, if the summer months caused your existing fine lines to deepen into rigid wrinkles, give the CB Satin Leaf Advanced IV Treatment a try. It’s a topical, fast-acting solution that irons out the look of wrinkles in seconds. Its instant results will impress but what makes this product even more spectacular is how it can help to reduce the appearance of skin aging in the long run too, so long as it’s used regularly.

What about the visibility of dark spots and an uneven skin tone? That’s where the CB Facial Toner can help. It contains niacinamide, which evens out the look of discoloration to leave the complexion even and brighter overall. The antioxidants in the nettle leaf extract in this formula will help with this too. It’s great for repairing the look of free radical damage.

Keep Using SPF Daily

CB-Multi Active Moisturizer SPF30

Hopefully, you were diligent about applying SPF during the summer months. It’s often easier to remember due to how you can really feel the heat of the sun beating down on you.

However, even once the weather turns cooler, it’s important not to let SPF slide. The sun’s UV rays are capable of causing damage year-round. If you want to protect your skin from the appearance of premature aging, as well as skin cancer, SPF is vital.

If you know that you’re more likely to forget to apply SPF in the colder months, consider using a moisturizer that contains SPF each morning. This way, you’ll be starting off your day with a few hours of protection. Keep a jar at your desk at work to top your skin up in the afternoon and your skin will feel protected until the sun goes down.

Where can you find a good SPF moisturizer? Right here! The CB Multi-Active Moisturizer With SPF is ideal for the job. Not only is it formulated with sun-protecting agents, but it’s also packed with hydrating ingredients, vitamins, and antioxidants to give your complexion all that it needs to glow throughout the day.

Don’t Neglect the Skin on Your Body

CB Essential Body Scrub

Now that fall is here and the weather is starting to turn cooler, chances are that you’ll soon be swapping your slinky summer wardrobe for warmer and cozier alternatives. With your body hidden away under layers of clothing, it’s easy to neglect the skin here in favor of the face, which tends to always be out on display.

However, the skin on your body deserves plenty of TLC too! Just like the skin on your face, it’s also prone to a higher level of dryness, roughness, and sensitivities in the colder months. This means that all of the fall skincare tips that we’ve shared so far should be applied to your body too.

Start by ensuring that your body wash is gentle. So many contain drying sulfates – look for one that moisturizes your skin instead. A body scrub is vital too but, again, go with a skin-loving formula, such as the CB Essential Body Scrub.

You’ll then need to find a good body moisturizer to use each time you step out of the shower. The CB Lavish Body Butter is perfect for when you need some extra moisture. Infused with shea butter, this blend will quickly leave your skin feeling softer and more supple.

If you feel patches of dryness developing anywhere on your body throughout the day, the CB Hand & Body Lotion can be used for quick touch-ups. This tube is so easy to store in your bag, your car, or even your desk at work, giving you an easy way to pamper your body with some extra hydration whenever you need to.

Create the Perfect Fall Skincare Routine With CBGärdN

With fall bringing about so many changes in terms of temperature, humidity, and general weather, the skin’s needs can be sporadic. Putting together a flexible fall skincare routine that you can continuously adapt until winter finally arrives is the key to getting through the season with a flawless complexion.

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