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The Best Skin Care Ingredients For Your 30s, 40s, and Beyond

June 15, 2024
Your skin undergoes various changes as you progress through the years, and your skincare routine should adapt to these. This means being aware of your skin’s ever-evolving needs and ensuring that you’re lavishing it with the right skin care ingredients.…

Skin Solutions: 8 Resolutions For a Glowing Complexion

May 30, 2024
Although most people wait until the new year to make skin resolutions, there’s no reason why you can’t set yourself some new skin goals at any time of the year. Make the right changes to your skincare habits now and…

The Top 10 Skincare Trends of 2024

May 15, 2024
Now that 2024 is firmly upon us, certain skincare trends have been emerging. If you’ve been wondering about what’s hot (and what’s not) in the skincare world, read on as CBGärdN shares the 10 skincare trends you need to know…

How to Get That Natural-Looking Sunkissed Skin

April 30, 2024
Back in the day, when people wanted a beautifully bronzed, sunkissed glow, they would either spend hours stretched out under the sun or pay a visit to the local tanning beds. Now, however, we know that both of these methods…

6 Gold-Infused Skin Care Products You Should Try

April 15, 2024
Have you been noticing more and more skincare brands adding gold to their product formulations? There’s a reason for this… Although gold has been used for cosmetic purposes for centuries, science has only recently started to catch up when it…

7 Safe Ways to Exfoliate the Skin

March 30, 2024
Exfoliation is one of the essential basics of skincare. If you want your skin to look its best, it’s a must, especially once you start to age. If you regularly exfoliate your skin, you’ll be removing the rough and dull…

2024 Morning Skincare Routine: Be Fresh and Glowing in 10 Minutes

March 15, 2024
Your morning skincare routine should set your skin up for the day by giving it the moisture and nutrients it needs while keeping it feeling protected against environmental damage. If you’ve been struggling to overcome various skin concerns, this could…

Beauty Secrets: The Hidden Side of Celebrity Skincare

February 29, 2024
Ever wondered how your favorite celebrities always manage to have such good skin? Many famous faces attribute their gorgeous glow to the positive affirmations that they repeat each day or their downright lucky genetics combined with a skilled makeup artist…

Warning: Your Skincare Routine May Be Causing More Harm Than Good

February 15, 2024
People put together their skincare routines with the best of intentions. They strive to create routines that will bring out the very best in their skin, leaving them looking radiant and healthy. Unfortunately, in the quest for a flawless complexion,…

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin Woes With These 10 Tips

January 30, 2024
Dry skin is an extremely common problem. Statistics show that three out of four Americans suffer from dryness during the winter months, with a large portion of those people experiencing it year-round.  When dry skin is left to fester, it…

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