CBDGöld Anti-Wrinkle Confidence Solution

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Instantly smooth away the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with the CBDGöld Anti-Wrinkle Confidence Solution. This advanced, non-surgical concentrate features a velvety blend of retinyl palmitate, sweet almond oil and cannabis sativa seed oil, immediately leaving your skin looking smoother, firmer and noticeably tighter.

Size: 12g / 0.42oz

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13 reviews for CBDGöld Anti-Wrinkle Confidence Solution

  1. Elizabeth A Olinger

    I have been using this for a month with an infra red light. The fine lines around my mouth are less noticeable. Not 5 stars as this is early days. It leaves the skin feeling invigorated and clean.

  2. Sheila Smallwood

    This product is better than fillers or botox!!

  3. Maria

    I purchased the CBDGold Anti-Wrinkle Confidence Solution at a local home show. I didn’t open the product until a month later, I used up my other wrinkle products first. The product worked great for the first 3 applications, however after that no product came out of the tube. I tried multiple ways to make sure the tube wasn’t clogged, but it appears to be empty.

  4. Nancy Ramsey

    Great Product. Smooths wrinkles quickly and has a lasting effect for several days.

  5. Pauline perea

    The product works great but it is horrible packaging. When I cut along the tip it did not open. Also, as it is only half an ounce,
    The slightest move causes it to spurt out. But cream is good.

  6. Jamie Cruz

    Amazing. I just got it but I’m looking forward to seeing major improvements. After just one application life changing.

  7. Aurora Rhodes

    This is my first time using this product. I will try it and later will give a review how well I see results on my skin

  8. LINDA

    I LOVE IT !!!!



  10. Janna Goodson

    Its awesome. I could see and feel it working in minutes

  11. Rose

    Wrinkles disappeared before my eyes! My mother and I tried it and were amazed at the instantaneous results. We will buy again.

  12. Julie H

    It works wonders!!

  13. Lori Sisson

    I’m speechless at the amazing results of this product! And I’ve tried everything!!! I’m kicking myself for not buying the collection.

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